Does Rubbing Alcohol Kill Mattress Bugs? (2024)

In my years tackling pest issues, I’ve seen numerous householders flip to DIY strategies earlier than calling within the professionals. Lysol, salt, bleach — you title it, somebody’s tried it on mattress bugs. However one answer that retains arising is rubbing alcohol.

Many owners usually ask me if it’s as efficient as chemical pesticides. It’s a good query, given how persistent and troublesome mattress bugs might be.

On this article, I’ll lower by means of the myths and provide the actual scoop on rubbing alcohol and mattress bugs. We’ll have a look at its effectiveness, the way it stacks up in opposition to different remedies, and whether or not there are any dangers it’s best to find out about. Let’s unravel this frequent residence treatment and see if it’s actually as much as the duty.

How Does Rubbing Alcohol Work Towards Mattress Bugs?

Rubbing alcohol comprises a excessive focus of isopropyl alcohol, which supplies it sturdy drying and disinfecting skills. 

This permits rubbing alcohol to kill mattress bugs in two methods:

  1. As a desiccant: The alcohol evaporates moisture and dries out the waxy outer layer of a mattress bug’s exoskeleton. With out this protecting coating, mattress bugs are extra susceptible and vulnerable to dehydration.
  2. As a repellent: Rubbing alcohol has a pungent odor that mattress bugs dislike. They have an inclination to keep away from areas the place the scent is current.

These properties are much like some industrial mattress bug pesticides. Powder desiccants like diatomaceous earth additionally dry out mattress bugs. Sprays might include repellent elements to discourage mattress bugs from nesting in sure areas.

Nonetheless, selfmade rubbing alcohol remedies usually are not as sturdy as skilled merchandise designed to kill mattress bugs.

Mattress Bug Inspection

Usually, you’ll be able to anticipate to pay between $50 and $200 for an preliminary mattress bug inspection.


Mattress Bug Warmth Therapy

Usually, these remedies value $1 to $3 per sq. foot or about $150 to $395 per room


Mattress Bug Fumigation

Usually, fumigation prices a median of $4 to $8 per sq. foot or $528 to $1,056 per room


Is Rubbing Alcohol Efficient At Killing Mattress Bugs?

Sadly, rubbing alcohol just isn’t very efficient in opposition to mattress bugs in comparison with skilled merchandise.

In research, direct spaying killed round 50% of mattress bugs. The alcohol odor and residue additionally didn’t strongly repel them from handled areas.

There are a number of explanation why rubbing alcohol doesn’t work properly:

  • The focus is just too low. Retailer-bought rubbing alcohol comprises round 70% isopropyl alcohol. Increased concentrations of round 90% work higher.
  • Mattress bugs have resistant exoskeletons. The waxy coat protects them from drying out simply. Eggs are additionally immune.
  • It doesn’t final lengthy. The alcohol shortly evaporates, limiting publicity time for mattress bugs.
  • Mattress bugs should contact the alcohol instantly. Lingering smells or residues left behind don’t deter them.

General, rubbing alcohol can kill some mattress bugs, nevertheless it won’t take away a full infestation. Eggs and newly hatched nymphs deep inside cracks and crevices will likely be troublesome to achieve.

General, rubbing alcohol can kill some mattress bugs, nevertheless it won’t take away a full infestation. Eggs and newly hatched nymphs deep inside cracks and crevices will likely be troublesome to achieve.

  • On direct contact, rubbing alcohol can kill mattress bugs nearly immediately, normally inside 15 to 30 seconds.
  • Nonetheless, this fast motion solely happens when the alcohol instantly touches the mattress bug’s physique.
  • For mattress bugs indirectly sprayed, the consequences might take longer or not happen in any respect.
  • It’s essential to notice that whereas alcohol can kill shortly, it doesn’t present lasting safety. As soon as it evaporates, which occurs quickly, it loses its effectiveness.
  • Eggs and nymphs hidden in cracks or crevices is probably not affected in any respect, which is why alcohol alone just isn’t a complete answer.

Keep in mind, whereas the quick kill time may appear spectacular, the general effectiveness of alcohol in controlling a mattress bug infestation is proscribed. Skilled remedies, which use stronger and longer-lasting strategies, are typically extra dependable for full eradication.

Risks of Utilizing Rubbing Alcohol Your self

Whereas rubbing alcohol is available and reasonably priced, there are some dangers to utilizing it as a DIY mattress bug remedy:

  • It could unfold mattress bugs additional. Alcohol will irritate mattress bugs and trigger them to scatter, in search of new nesting areas. This scattering can unfold the infestation to extra rooms.
  • Hearth hazard. Rubbing alcohol is extraordinarily flammable, particularly in excessive concentrations. Take excessive care if making use of it round potential ignition sources.
  • Pores and skin and eye irritation. Extended publicity can dry out and harm the pores and skin. Rubbing alcohol can severely irritate the eyes.
  • Inhalation dangers. Inhaling too many alcohol vapors is harmful. Work in a well-ventilated space.
  • No residual results. As soon as dried, rubbing alcohol leaves nothing behind to proceed killing mattress bugs over time. Eggs might hatch and reinfest.

For these causes, it’s typically safer and simpler to rent a licensed exterminator for mattress bug elimination.

Extra Efficient Methods To Take away Mattress Bugs

As a substitute of counting on rubbing alcohol, use an built-in pest administration (IPM) method that mixes a number of confirmed strategies to eliminate mattress bugs utterly:

  • Inspections to seek out all mattress bugs. A pest professional will use instruments like a flushing agent and a thermal digital camera.
  • Focused functions of stronger pesticides. Licensed chemical compounds like Aprehend and Crossfire are extra deadly to mattress bugs. These merchandise preserve killing for weeks or months after utility.
  • Warmth remedies. Heating infested rooms and belongings to deadly temperatures kills all phases of mattress bugs.
  • Freezing remedies. Decreasing temperatures beneath 0°F additionally kills mattress bugs. You possibly can freeze Objects in chilly storage models.
  • Fumigation. Sealing off and flooding an entire constructing with deadly gasoline is the strongest remedy for extreme infestations.

At the moment’s Home-owner Suggestions

Combining strategies like pesticides, warmth, and fumigation is the best option to take away mattress bugs. Rubbing alcohol alone simply can’t match the thoroughness {of professional} mattress bug elimination.

Ultimate Ideas on Rubbing Alcohol and Mattress Bugs

Rubbing alcohol does have some pesticide-like properties to repel and kill mattress bugs. Nonetheless, it isn’t very efficient when utilized by householders in comparison with industrial mattress bug sprays.

The low focus, fast evaporation, and lack of residual results imply rubbing alcohol will solely kill some grownup mattress bugs on contact. It doesn’t take away whole infestations. There are additionally security dangers to utilizing giant quantities indoors.

In the event you encounter a extreme mattress bug downside, hiring a pest management firm is the neatest and most secure answer. Licensed mattress bug exterminators have entry to stronger merchandise and confirmed remedy strategies that can eliminate mattress bugs completely.

FAQs About Killing Mattress Bugs With Rubbing Alcohol

Can 70% Isopropyl alcohol eradicate mattress bugs?

The standard 70% rubbing alcohol focus stocked in shops just isn’t sturdy sufficient to eradicate mattress bugs. Research present concentrations of 90% or larger, when utilized instantly, can kill about 50% of mattress bugs.

Nonetheless, this methodology doesn’t assure full eradication.

What is the appropriate methodology for making use of rubbing alcohol?

The proper methodology for making use of rubbing alcohol to kill mattress bugs is to spray it instantly onto mattress bugs in areas the place they conceal, reminiscent of alongside baseboards, in cracks and crevices, on mattresses, and on furnishings. Rubbing alcohol is just efficient whereas it stays moist.

How lengthy does it take for rubbing alcohol to kill mattress bugs?

Rubbing alcohol evaporates shortly and kills mattress bugs whereas the liquid remains to be moist. As soon as the alcohol dries, it loses its effectiveness and doesn’t present any lasting safety.

To realize longer-lasting outcomes, think about using various sprays designed to stay potent for weeks.

Is rubbing alcohol protected for pets?

Rubbing alcohol is dangerous to pets as a result of it irritates paws and pores and skin. Additionally, it’s poisonous if ingested. To make sure the security of your pets, it’s important to maintain them away from areas handled with alcohol.

For pest management in a pet-friendly setting, it’s advisable to seek the advice of with a pet-safe exterminator who can present efficient options with out endangering your pets.

Can rubbing alcohol exterminate a whole mattress bug infestation?

Utilizing rubbing alcohol alone just isn’t a dependable methodology for eradicating a whole mattress bug infestation. It might kill a few of the mattress bugs it comes into contact with, nevertheless it gained’t tackle all infestation factors.

For a complete method to mattress bug elimination, it’s beneficial to mix numerous strategies and seek the advice of knowledgeable pest management service.

Can I spray alcohol on my mattress to kill mattress bugs?

Whereas it’s potential to spray alcohol in your mattress, I don’t advocate it for a number of causes:

  1. Hearth hazard: Mattresses are flammable, and alcohol is very flamable. This mixture poses a major fireplace threat.
  2. Restricted effectiveness: Alcohol evaporates shortly, so its killing energy is short-lived. It might not penetrate deep sufficient to achieve all of the mattress bugs hiding within the mattress.
  3. Potential harm: Repeated alcohol use can deteriorate mattress supplies, particularly foam.
  4. Inhalation dangers: Sleeping on a mattress just lately sprayed with alcohol can result in respiratory irritation.
  5. Incomplete remedy: Spraying the mattress alone gained’t tackle mattress bugs in different areas of the room.

As a substitute, think about using mattress encasements particularly designed for mattress bug management, and seek the advice of knowledgeable for protected, efficient remedy choices.

Will cleansing with vinegar and water kill mattress bugs?

In my expertise, cleansing with vinegar and water just isn’t an efficient methodology to kill mattress bugs:

  1. Restricted efficacy: Whereas vinegar can kill mattress bugs on direct contact resulting from its acidity, it’s not potent sufficient to take away an infestation.
  2. No residual impact: As soon as the vinegar answer dries, it doesn’t proceed to kill or repel mattress bugs.
  3. Insufficient penetration: Vinegar and water can’t attain mattress bugs hiding deep in cracks, crevices, or inside furnishings.
  4. Eggs unaffected: Vinegar doesn’t successfully kill mattress bug eggs.
  5. Potential harm: Repeated use of vinegar can harm some surfaces or materials.

Whereas cleansing with vinegar and water may help with normal hygiene, it’s not a dependable mattress bug management methodology. For efficient mattress bug elimination, it’s greatest to make use of focused remedies beneficial by pest management professionals, reminiscent of warmth remedies, specialised pesticides, or a mix of authorized strategies.

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